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Dezember 2013 – Weitere Proteste gegen AIR FRANCE wegen Versuchstiertransporten

Aus der Webseite Gateway to Hell:


Schweden, 03.12.13 – Animal Rights Alliancejoin the week of action against Air France

The Animal Rights Alliance, Sweden, join the week of action against Air France – KLM and demand the airline to stop transporting animals for vivisection. Today we protested in the centrum of Gothenburg to make the public aware of the suffering this airline cause to animals. Many people expressed their support and will not fly with Air France – KLM until they take a… Mehr…



Italien, 08.12.13  : Air France demo at Milan Linate

During the international week of action against the transport of animals for vivisection laboratories launched from the campaign ‘Gateway to Hell’ also in Italy two protests were organized, during the first activists of the group ‘ La Lepre’ came back in front of KLM headquarters in Italy, which is located in via Modigliani, in Segrate. Sunday 8th of December the second… Mehr…